Can I Get an “Amen”

Shane Amen

As many of you know, Shane was involved in a tragic/freak ATV accident in May 2023 at his home in Etoile. This caused an open fracture of both his fibula and tibia bones of his left leg. The damage to his leg was extensive. He was treated in a Nacogdoches hospital with internal hardware and IV antibiotics. He was released home after 4 days but unfortunately, he had to be careflighted to a hospital in the Houston area as he developed a fever and rejection of the hardware. Over the following  months, he underwent numerous painful surgeries to debride infection, replace tissue and relocate muscle placement to restore lower leg function to a “new normal.” Many of you have asked what can you to do give back to a man that has been so giving of his own time and expertise to so many.

Shane is one of the hardest working men out there and is always willing to help others in need.

While Shane has slowly returned to working, the majority of his savings has been depleted to cover the costs of his numerous surgeries, hospitalizations and now ongoing rehab. The community goal is to replenish what has been spent on these exuberant expenses.